Thursday, 5 March 2015

Faustians and the French Connection

There have been neo-Nazi / pro-Fascist sections within the Church of Satan as well as outside it, such as the Abraxas Foundation, Werewolf Order, Order of the Black Ram, Black Order of Pan-Europa, Order of the Left Hand Path and so on. Also links exist between the Church of Satan and the Occult / Fascist National Renaissance Party. The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey (11 April 1930 – 29 October 1997) did meet with the National Renaissance Party leader, James H Madole. Kerry Raymond Bolton (born 1956) is an extremist writer in New Zealand who has been active in several organisations. He has written numerous publications focused around politics, race, metaphysics, religion and the occult, particularly Freemasonry. His 2006 doctoral dissertation was From Knights Templar to New World Order: Occult Influences in History - an examination of theories.This brings us smartly on to Kevin Chesham (born 1953) who completely transformed after living in New Zealand and forming an association with Kerry Bolton, founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path (renamed Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, then the Order of Deorc Fyre, and in the same year created the Black Order). Kerry Bolton was a former member of the Temple of Set (an offshoot of the Church of Satan) and was briefly secretary for the New Zealand Fascist Union. Kerry Bolton's Order was intended to be an activist front promoting an "Occult-Fascist Axis." 

A master's thesis was written about Kerry Bolton and published by the Waikato University titledDreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path; a case-study of a satanic/neo-Nazi synthesis that dealt with the link between neo-Nazi and satanic beliefs in New Zealand. This is the man Kevin Chesham, originally of Basildon, Essex, cultivated a friendship with while in New Zealand. Upon his return to the United Kingdom, he and his wife, Beverley Mason, formed an unholy alliance with David Farrant. They met and connived how best to cause me maximum damage. Online they are supported by Anthony Hogg. David Farrant's friend Redmond McWilliams has met Chesham and given him his full support. Farrant's son, Jamie (born 1967), supports them and is a Facebook friend with all the aforementioned. Hogg sought the online friendship of John Pope who has a history of Nazi-Occult activity and is Farrant's longest-serving collaborator and friend. David Farrant, Jamie Farrant, Anthony Hogg and Redmond McWilliams have Pope as their internet friend. David Farrant remains in physical contact with John Pope. Farrant and McWilliams are also in physical contact with Kevin Chesham, who is now permanently based in Dubai. Chesham visits Farrant at his home whenever he is in the UK. They made a pilgrimage to Highgate Cemetery together in May 2013, accompanied by Redmond McWilliams and someone who describes herself as "Della Farrant."

Jean-Paul Bourre has also visited Farrant at his home. The first time was in 1980. I met Jean-Paul Bourre thirty-six years ago and was not very much impressed by this self-proclaimed Luciferian. I make passing mention of Bourre in two of my books concerning Satanism and the supernatural. The book about Satanism reveals a curse concocted by David Farrant that was sent to Bourre's then girlfriend Nathalie Sarazin. It unimaginatively bore the initials "S M" - quite obviously the handiwork of Farrant. I was unsure at the time as to whether Bourre was also part of this attempt to make it look as if I had sent the curse. Now I feel confident he was. I spoke with the journalist Nathalie Sarazin after she had broken up with Jean-Paul Bourre, and she confirmed that she had been aware from quite early on that David Farrant was behind the much publicised (in one of Bourre's books) curse. I also provide an image of the curse in From Satan To Christ (1988) and with it a sample of Farrant's handwriting. Graphologists who inspected the curse sent to Nathalie Sarazin were certain it was created by the same hand as that revealed on samples of Farrant's handwriting. Graphology/handwriting experts can view the facsimile images in From Satan To Christ which contains the curse Farrant sent to Sarazin across a page and facing it a full page sample of Farrant's handwriting (in a challenge he wrote and sent me).

Jean-Paul Bourre made his first pilgrimage to Highgate Cemetery, accompanied by Farrant, in 1980. He lost no time (as demonstrated in the photograph above) in attempting to evoke any lingering evil folowing a history of Satanism at the graveyard in previous decades. Bourre is the author of The Luciferian Sects of Today (Les sectes Luciferiennes aujourd'hui) where it is revealed that Francois de Groussouvre (Grand Master of the Priory of Sion) had an official cover job as organiser of the Presidential Hunting Parties which it is alleged was really a front for more intimate gatherings in private houses. Francois de Groussouvre was discovered dead in his office.

Bourre with his pump-action shotgun.

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