Friday, 20 February 2015

A Question of Attribution (conclusion)

On 4 February 2015, The Faustian Circle blog announced at the foot of its article and comments:

"The 200 maximum comments allowed per article has now been reached on this article. You may wish to continue the discussion on the new article."

And then proceeded to provide another page and thereby platform for the libellous abuse to continue. The new page, created on 4 February 2015, declared at its head:

"This section is intended to continue the debate."

But, of course, there was no debate. Just another platform for David Farrant, Anthony Hogg and Redmond McWilliams (aka "anonymous") to post false and fabricated abuse intended to incite hatred against me. Everything raised on the continuation page, moreover, had been more than adequately covered and dealt with by a rebuttal commentator, ie B.O.S., on the first page containing two hundred comments. Trolls really do like to repeat themselves year in and year out.

They collude together in their vendetta because they are exceptionally obsessed and resentful. And they all know each other. Anthony Hogg is restricted to internet contact because he resides in Melbourne, Australia, but all the others have been in personal contact with each other, meeting at Farrant's Muswell Hill Road bedsit in North London when not going on childish jaunts to Highgate Cemetery where they video themselves and have photographs taken pulling asinine expressions.

All of them are completely obsessed with the Highgate Vampire case. This is the only subject discussed or commented upon on The Faustian Circle blog. Indeed, this is the only subject the person who runs that blog appears to want to have discussed. When the initial article is read it is found couched in language and terminology that could have been written by Farrant himself. The blogger even adds a forename to my Christian and surname that has never been used by me or anyone else, apart from, of course, Farrant. The plethora of allegations in the article comprise malicious falsehood that the convicted felon David Farrant has been propagating for decades.

Notwithstanding that Kevin Chesham nowadays disingenuously claims to support Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in a cynical attempt to turn them against me, something UAF would see through in a nanosecond, Anthony Hogg and Redmond McWilliams, coming from a politically far left-wing perspective, are genuinely and vociferously anti-Fascist. Why wouldn't they be? One is mixed race while the other is a pro-active homosexual campaigner. They have nothing to gain by being anything other than anti-Fascist. Yet they are prepared to hypocritically accept a platform provided by The Faustian Circle which is ostensibly pro-Fascist and uses a symbol once the emblem of the pre-war British Union of Fascists and National Socialists. Curiously, this does not bother them in the least.

Such is the extent of their resentment and hatred against me that they will do and say anything to vent their not inconsiderable vitriol; filling the void in their empty lives with an obsession that has inevitably turned poisonous and pernicious. The question that needs to be addressed is why is The Faustian Circle aiding and abetting these anti-Fascists in their never-ending vendetta?

Indeed, why would the person running The Faustian Circle (a) refuse to meet me (which would identify The Faustian Circle blogger), (b) refuse to send me an e-mail, as I requested (which would identify his IP) and (c) remain at all times totally anonymous? A growing consensus view points to Kevin Chesham as being one possible culprit. That would make perfect sense because Chesham ticks all the boxes. If it was anyone else it would make no sense as to why I am the only person targeted on the blog that provides a voice for those harbouring enmity toward me.

For most of his life Chesham exhibited a strong fascination for Hitler and the Third Reich and the pre-war Blackshirts led by Mosley. He bought books, videos and CDs about both. I knew Kevin Chesham, on and off, for a very long time and believe that the majority of people do not fundamentally change. Following a stroke due to steroid use and a significant period in New Zealand where he became besotted with Kerry Bolton's Nazi-Occult ideological outpourings, it was realised that Chesham had grown far worse. He revealed less and less about himself on the few occasions we had contact, and was clearly up to some kind of skullduggery. Others noticed it, too.

Chesham became more and more isolated, managing to later achieve the ultimate ignominy of becoming a mouthpiece for David Farrant, a man he had always previously claimed to despise. 

Kevin Chesham ultimately became no different to Farrant and every bit as deceitful. Like Farrant, he sought his fifteen minutes of fame, but never achieved it. He became resentful of those who did, including myself and some of my more successful friends, overlooking the fact that there is a reason for our success; that it was entirely on our own merit. Walking in the footsteps of his Muswell Hill mentor, he decided to do whatever it took to be noticed, including treachery, lying and deceiving.

Thus he entered into a Faustian Pact with Farrant.

Farrant and Chesham at Highgate Cemetery in 2013.

Chesham and Farrant at the latter's Muswell Hill bedsit.

A Faustian Pact between Chesham and Farrant.

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