Friday, 20 February 2015

Evidence (conclusion)

The Faustian Circle's article is completely without substance or evidence. It links to the malicious rants of Don Ecker on an American blog and Kevin Chesham on his own blog, both of whom regurgitate libellous poison provided by David Farrant who has been waging a personal vendetta against me since 1970. Farrant's comments on The Faustian Circle are the same copy and pasted misrepresentation he has been repeatedly reproducing on sites since he acquired a computer earlier this century. To those who might not be aware of who he is, David Robert Donovan Farrant (born 23 January 1946) is someone who has lived off state benefits his entire life, and been arrested and charged many times. He was found guilty at London's Old Bailey criminal courts in 1974 of indecency, theft, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, threatening police witnesses with voodoo "death dolls," attempting to pervert the course of justice, malicious tomb vandalism and black magic tomb desecration. He was sentenced to four years and eight months imprisonment. 

The original blog posted by The Faustian Circle on 18 July 2013 devoted its article to maligning me and is recognisably Farrant's propaganda. Farrant is let off the hook, while I am smeared again and again with unsubstantiated allegations. It, therefore, came as no surprise to receive from Kevin Chesham the very next day a printed-out copy of the online page where I was misrepresented. The blog's article ended with the following statement: "For the record, Kevin Chesham is NOT a member of the Faustian Circle." Nor is anybody else! The Faustian Circle does not exist save on the internet. 

These are the accusations made against me on the original blog entry:

"Manchester is President of the British Occult Society."

The British Occult Society does not exist. It was formally dissolved in August 1988, and was an investigation bureau which examined occult claims and also researched paranormal phenomena.

"He was excommunicated from the Old Catholic Church."

I have not been excommunicated from any Church, including the OCC, and nobody has ever claimed to have excommunicated me. This lie is spread by Farrant and further disseminated by Chesham.

"Manchester was said [by Farrant and latterly Chesham] to have canvassed for the British National Front (NF) in the past, and more recently to have links to the British National Party (BNP)."

This lie has been peddled over recent years by Farrant and repeated by Chesham. Nobody else has made the allegation which is completely without any substance. I have not supported (nor canvassed on behalf of) any political party at any time. Farrant, on the other hand, switched whatever support he might have garnered at the 1978 General Election from his Wicca Workers Party to the National Front. Kevin Chesham and his wife, Beverley Mason, claimed in front of witnesses, that the pair of them were fully signed-up members of the British National Party and had attended functions.

I do not support political systems per se, and reserve my faith, loyalty and energy for spiritual matters that manifest in the traditional Catholicism I represent as an episcopally consecrated bishop.

That blog article disappeared only to be replaced by an even worse one on 9 November 2014. (November 9th was the holiest day in the Reich's calendar following the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 when sixteen Nazis were killed. It was solemnly celebrated every year until the end of the war).

The replacement article accused me of running a "mystic church" and holding views on the death of Jesus Christ that are tantamount to anti-semitism. I am a Catholic who certainly reveres such mystics as St Teresa of Avila and St Francis of Assisi, but I do not hold jurisdiction over a "mystic church."

Likewise, my understanding on the death of Our Lord is commensurate with traditional doctrine.

The Faustian Circle, repeating Chesham, claims that I have "a secret room" in my house festooned with "Nazi daggers, regalia" etc. Those visitors who have been to my retreat will attest that I do not have anything of the sort. Among several antique swords, flintlock pistols and other collectables are a few items of militaria from both world wars held onto since my teenage years when it was not uncommon for those born either during or soon after the war to collect such pieces of memorabilia.

That notwithstanding, it must already be sounding very odd that an apparently Fascist blogger would be criticising me in this way, albeit erroneously, whilst welcoming hateful comments about me from people who hold left-wing views who are vociferously anti-Fascist, and, moreover, praising them with obsequious gratitude for understanding why he had to censor comments detrimental to Farrant.

Things are certainly not what they might at first appear to be where The Faustian Circle is concerned.

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