Friday, 20 February 2015

Politics and the Occult

The Faustian Circle describes itself on Facebook and on its blog as follows:

"The Faustian Circle is a British Study Group based in England, which is engaged in research into the relationship between Politics and the Occult."

Prior to 20 February 2015, it described itself as being based in London, England.

Both its first and second incarnation devoted much energy to me and the Highgate Vampire case.

On 19 February 2015, I wrote to the blogger responsible for The Faustian Circle:

"What is troubling is that you set this situation up in the first place, and not for the first time. As my website unequivocally states, I haven't accepted interviews on these matters [about Highgate] for years because all there is to say has been said. There is nothing useful to add. More particularly, it's half a century ago! I live in the present and find it sad that others dwell almost permanently in the distant past; in most instances, not even their own past. My website also makes clear that, although I was a minor public figure many years, I am no longer so today. I consider myself a private person who wishes to live out his last years in relative peace. You are demonstrating an unwillingness to allow that to happen for reasons known only to yourself, which to me is ignoble and indefensible. 

"You describe The Faustian Circle as 'a British Study Group based in London, England, which is engaged in research into the relationship between Politics and the Occult.' How does that involve me, or indeed phenomena occurring at Highgate half a century ago? I have studied aspects of the occult in the past, but I am not an occultist. I have met politicians, some of them political leaders, from across the whole spectrum of politics, but I am not party political myself and never have been. Yet the overwhelming majority of comments on The Faustian Circle are either about me or an ex-convict who has frittered away his life pursuing vicious vendettas against people - of which I am one. The third element is the Highgate case which has no political dimension.

"How can you possibly justify this platform for libellous abuse against me? Unless, of course, The Faustian Circle with its nostalgia for something that is quite dead is merely a smokescreen for something else?"

On the previous day, when I opened a private correspondence that would last merely three days, I established my political credentials with the person behind The Faustian Circle:

"I hold no party political opinions and have never done so. I am not an occultist or a magician. I have worked in tandem with those seeking peace throughout my life and still remain a representative of Pax Christi, something which might possibly motivate your willingness, as a Fascist, to provide a platform for others to harass me, defame me and incite hatred against me."

None of the points in my conversation were addressed by the person behind The Faustian Circle.

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