Friday, 20 February 2015


This blog is a troll-free area for critical examination of something calling itself "The Faustian Circle," or, perhaps I should say, someone calling themself "The Faustian Circle," which/who uses as its/his symbol the pre-war emblem of the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists (pictured above).

Comments from readers are welcome, but will be closely monitered to weed out the inevitable trolls.

The Faustian Circle is a supposedly self-styled Occult-Fascist group, allegedly formed in London, England, on New Year's Day 2013. It claims to be dedicated to promoting the creed of National Gnosticism and the doctrine of Social Darwinism in its "eternal struggle for Survival of the Fittest." 
The Faustian Circle claims, or, at least, it did when it first appeared, to be a "Secret Order working to shape thinking and to manipulate events from behind the scenes. It encouragea its supporters to be active in political organisations in Great Britain in order to influence policy and to spread the National Gnostic message. Likewise its Faustian Youth section is involved in musical subcultures such as Industrial, Black Metal, Goth, Punk/Post-Punk, Neo-Folk and such like." It also claims to seek contact with "like minded groups and individuals in Europe and throughout the World."

Almost eight months after its founding, this appeared on The Faustian Circle's blog on 21 July 2013:

"The Faustian Circle is now disbanded and the previously listed contact email address of the Order is no longer in use. In any case our circle of supporters never amounted to more than a handful of individuals. This blog is now suspended and will not be updated. Previous posts will be maintained as a historical archive and resource for researchers."

Eight months later, another statement was published on 26 March 2014, saying the following:

"The Faustian Circle has been relaunched after the previous Blog Master was forced to retire due to health reasons. ***** was persuaded to hand over control of the F.C. Blog to the Council of the Faustian Circle. We are glad to report that he has now made a full recovery and still supports our organisation."

(The edited out name - ***** - is exactly as it originally appeared on The Faustian Circle.)

Nobody showed any interest in The Faustian Circle until it decided to launch an attack upon myself.

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